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Public Relations For Business

Our website format is cutting edge. Cross platform integration with social media provides powerful advertising you control in real time.

Public relations is important to any business. We provide exposure to the public several ways. This website has been on the internet for 16 years. We advertise the website nationwide to increase public awareness. Our website format allows you to broadcast your messages direct to the public via social media posted on our site.

We are changing the game.

The End Result - You Sell More

The End

Read below to see all the tools we use to promote your business.

* Public website with large market audience

* Interactive, Live Messaging via Twitter On Site

* Facebook Group Posts to all related groups

* Craigslist Ad Promo System

* Color Ads, Banners and Flash Ads

* Radio spots on our recorded public radio show

* E-Mail News delivered to 9,000 + hunters

* Cross Platform Marketing reaches the public

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No Up Front Cost For Advertising. Free on the front side. Backside donation based on ad value and performance.