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The Texas Hunting Lease Show
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is a public access website that has been on the Internet for 16 years. Anyone can see the information posted on the website. Public access websites get more visits than private membership websites. Public advertising works.

Public Messaging in Real Time using Twitter X

We use Twitter to post hunting information. Hunters follow our feed on their cell phones for real time info. Twitter X is the most powerful public messaging platform available to the public. Twitter X messages are posted on the message boards on the pages of texashuntingnews.com This is called "Cross Platform Marketing" and it is powerful public messaging.

Facebook Group Posts

We post to many Facebook Group Posts. One big problem with these posts is lost information due to endless scrolling. Sure, it is free to make a post, but a lot of information is lost due to the information going down page because new posts are always at the top of the page. People get tired of scrolling.

Craigslist Advertising

We use Craigslist Ads in major cities to bring customer awareness to the public audience. We bring in potential customers to our website and other media platforms. This is another example of cross platform marketing.

The Texas Hunting Lease Show

This show is a audio / visual presentation that is hosted on YouTube. The show is a first of its kind. We produce valuable information on the show and feature hunting leases and outfitter hunts. The show can be found on our YouTube channel "HUNT VIDEO". Click the link to go view the channel.
The Texas Hunting Lease Show

E-Mail Marketing

We have over 9,000 hunters on our E-mail list. We broadcast information on a monthly basis. Over the past 10 years, we have found that e-mail marketing is a powerful way to deliver useful information. When hunters know the source of the information, they tend to want to take a look at it.

Advertising Extras make your ad stand out

We can produce color ads, banners and flash ads for you and increase visibility of your business on our website. Let us know if you may be interested in this and we can talk about pricing.


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