Coon Stoppers Protects Deer Feeder From Raccoons,
Texas Deer Hunting,

Protect Your Deer Feeder Timer From Raccoons

Texas Deer Hunting,

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Our proprietary, original design product is the solution to the problem of raccoons climbing your feeder legs and robbing your expensive feed and messing with your feeder timer. After two years of product testing with proven success, we feel confident to offer this product to the public. Save Your Corn ! Buy Coon Stoppers !

Coon Stoppers allow your spinner to broadcast feed in a wide pattern as it was designed to do. The Trash Panda is a determined and acrobatic critter. The raccoon is the biggest feeder nuisance on the ranch. Coon Stoppers keep the raccoon corn bandits from wasting your money and time.

The attachment to the feeder legs is unique and simple. This proprietary design allows the slick metal tubes to wrap around the feeder legs. The assembly is very easy and installing them on active feeders in the field is very easy and installation instructions are included.

Coon Stoppers will save you money buy keeping the raccoons from robbing your corn feeder. Think of it as "corn insurance". This product stops raccoons from stealing corn and messing with your feeder timer and solar charger wires.

Made in Texas

The standard order is 3 pieces in a box. The button to purchase below is for Texas address destinations only. Out of State customers should expect slightly higher shipping charges. Customers that want more than one shipped to one destination should contact us. We will calculate the total price with shipping included.

$ 36.00 for one set of 3 pieces. $ 20.00 Shipping & Handling
to Texas address destinations

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Coon Stoppers is an Original Design Invention created by THOR Creative Products

Raccoon Deterrent * Varmint Guard * Feeder Guard



Coon Stoppers, Varmint Guard, Feeder Guard,

Designer Note and Disclaimer :

This product is not for everyone. It is only for those that have a nuisance problem with raccoons climbing up their feeder legs. There may be a super alpha raccoon that can beat this product, but 99% can not. Coon Stoppers will save you money and hassle.