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Texas Hunting News is a public access website. This means that any person can view the information on this website. There is no login. Public access websites have the highest potential for readership. Because this website is public access, the number of potential viewers is unlimited.

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There are several hunting business websites that are private access. This means that only their members can see the information posted. Members must login to the site. Sure, hunting information can be posted on their sites for free, but the number of potential viewers is limited to their members, which may only be a few thousand people. Majority of the posting sites are focused on annual leases, not hunts. Texas Hunting News changes that and supports hunting outfitters as priority.


Texas Hunting News is focused on promoting Texas outfitter business as our priority. Our website is different than any other hunting business website. Other hunting listing sites are focused on hunting leases and not outfitter hunts. Our website is cutting edge technology for promoting to a large, identified customer market.

We USE TECHNOLOGY with Strategy

We have a public access website that reaches unlimited number of viewers. Public advertising is powerful.
We have an E-Mail marketing system that delivers to over
20,000 people a month. E-Mail marketing is a valuable tool.
We advertise our website far and wide using a variety of means to gain maximum exposure for our website.

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Texas Hunting News uses Twitter and Facebook to bring people in to the website. We know how to use these social media hubs to expose large numbers of people to our website. If you do not know how to use Twitter, let us show you how. It is real easy.