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Texas Hunting Leases in North, South, West and Hill Country

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Texas Hunters Network

We help our members find leases. If you are serious about finding a lease, the first thing you must do is buy a membership. You will get a Hunter Profile sent to you to fill out and send back to us. We will network and lobby your group's profile with landowners and lease agents to try to get you a shot at getting a good hunting lease. It is not easy to find a good hunting lease these days. We will help you.
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Single Hunters * Small Groups * Large Groups * Companies

Single Hunters

We will present opportunities for you to join existing leases that fit your criteria. Finding single spots is difficult and we will do the best we can to provide you with some options. We may even have situations where we can put several single hunters together to get an exclusive lease instead of just filling a spot.

Small Groups of Hunters

Two to Four hunters in a group is considered a small group. Typically, this size group will be a good match for about 640 acres on a hunting ranch lease. We will do the best job we can to present some lease options to you, based on your criteria. We may be able to get you a section of land on a bigger ranch that has a section or two available for lease. We will need your detailed criteria to be able to help you. We will send you a Hunter Profile to fill out.

Large Groups of Hunters

Five to Ten hunters in a group is considered a large group. It can be difficult for large groups to find suitable leases due to several factors, including internal group decision making and availability of large acreage leases. However, this can be overcome in some instances where the landowner has really large acreage to lease out. We may be instrumental in putting several large groups of hunters together to lease out a very large acreage ranch of 6000 acres or more. We will do our best to work the best deals we can and provide options to you.

Company Leases

We have many company or corporate style leases available every year. We will do the best job we can at providing your company with lease opportunities that meet your criteria and objectives. Company leases have many details that warrant detailed discussion with a landowner. We will address any and all issues with landowners in advance and act as your negotiator in the deal. Our goal is to provide your company with a lease that meets your requirements for customers and staff. We will also negotiate the best price and payment terms.

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