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Lease 1610 - West Texas - Coke County - 600 acres - Low Fenced. Part of a bigger ranch. Located about 25 miles NW of San Angelo. Cost is $9.50 per acre. Really good deer country. Electric campsite. This lease has been filled as of July 03, 2017

Lease 1615 - West Texas - NW of San Angelo about 30 miles. 1800 acres, low fenced, cedar and mesquite flat top with two big canyon breaks. 7 hunters max. No electricity. However, water is available at windmill tanks on the property.
Really good deer population. $9.00 per acre.
Annual lease term is March 1 - February 28.
This lease is now under contract as of March 24, 2017

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Lease 1614 - West Texas - NW of San Angelo 25 miles - 1900 acres, low fenced. Electric and water at campsite. Big hills, wide valleys, great cover, mesquite, cedar, oak trees. If you like to hunt white-tailed deer then you have found a great property. There is a big deer population and really good natural antler genetics in this area. This is an annual lease for 6 hunters max. The cost of the lease is $9.50 per acre Quail hunting is excluded. Spring Turkey is limited to the first two weeks of the spring season. Aerial maps of the location and boundaries are available upon request.
Lease renewed by current tenants on March 1, 2017

Lease 1613 - West Texas - North of San Angelo - 2,594 acres, low fenced. Electric campsite. Really good deer country. Big hills, wide valleys and mesquite flats. This is an annual lease for 10 guns max. The cost of the lease is $8.50 per acre. $22,049 total cost. Quail hunting is excluded. Spring turkey hunting is limited to the first two weeks of the season. There are not many turkeys on this land. Lease renewed by current tenants on March 1, 2017

Lease 1612 - West Texas - Near San Angelo - 1303 acres, low fenced. Electric campsite. Good country for white-tailed deer hunting. High deer density. Good quality bucks in the 120 - 150 gross inch range. This is a managed lease and there are harvest requirements as well as harvest limitations. There are 3 fenced pastures combined to make 1303 acres. The campsite for these pastures is in the pasture to the south of these pastures and is shared by the 2 members in that pasture. 5 hunters are allowed on this acreage. The cost is $10 per acre for a total of $13, 030. Divided out by 5 is a cost of $2,606 per member. Aerial pasture maps are available. Just make an inquiry for more details.
Lease renewed by current tenants on March 1, 2017

Lease 1605 - SW Panhandle - Cochran County - 4,000 acres, low fenced. Mule Deer Season Only. Excellent quality mule deer and good population too. 3 hunters max on this land. Cost is $10,500 total. Price per acre is $2.63. Individually, the cost is $3,500. Mature mule deer bucks can score between 150 and 220 gross inches. This is good mule deer country consisting of prairie range land and sand hills. Make an inquiry and photos of bucks can be sent to you via E-Mail. Leased for 2017 Season

Lease 1606 - SW Panhandle - Cochran County - 9 Day Mule Deer Season Lease. 150 - 210 gross inch bucks. I have the photos to prove it. $5,000 each person. 12 hunters on 50,000 acres of land near the NM border in the SW Panhandle.
All Spots Filled for 2017 Season

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Lease 1616 - West Texas - NW of San Angelo near Water Valley.
Property is about 4,000 acres. Nice electric camp with water service. Big hills and valleys, flats and canyons. Lots of deer.
Management program. Annual Lease $10.00 per acre.
Lease term is March 1 to February 28.
Make inquiry by E-Mail hunt@austin.rr.com

Available starting March 2018

* * * BREAKING NEWS * * * July 3, 2017

4,000 acre West Texas Annual Lease reorganizing for 2018.
Scroll down to the end of the page for details. Lease 1616