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Contact via E-Mail hunt@austin.rr.com

North Texas - SW Panhandle -  60,000 acres

This amount of land we have is mind boggling. There is about 100 square miles of land to hunt hogs on. We hunt the hogs Safari Style. That means we take you out in our super ATV and bust up the hogs and then get out and shoot them. This hunt is a blast. You will have such good fun hunting hogs in the daylight hours instead of at night. We have feed stations and we can set up on them as well. This is a high success rate hunt. There is a 2 day and 2 person minimum. The cost is $600 for 2 days. The harvest limit is 3 hogs per day. Hog hunts take place from January thru July. E-Mail your inquiry by clicking on the E-Mail contact at the top left of this page. We can get your hunt scheduled. We do not offer lodging with this hunt. Motel is 20 miles and you can also tent camp or bring an RV. The cost is only $400 for two days if you want to stand hunt only. This is a really good hog hunting ranch.

North Texas - Turkey Canyon Ranch - 4,000 acres

This ranch is 4,000 acres of really good hog hunting country. Canyons, thick brush, grassland, wheat fields. There are 20 corn feeders and very nice hunting blinds located at strategic positions. The ranch is located about 80 miles SE of Amarillo. There is a bed and breakfast type motel about 10 miles from the ranch. You can also tent camp or bring an RV. The cost for the hunt is $500 per person for 2 days of hunting. There is a 2 person minimum. Extra days can be added for $250 per day. Harvest limit is 4 hogs per day. This ranch hunts hogs from January to June. Make inquiry via E-Mail at top left of this page.

North Texas - Haskell Ranch - 10,000 acres

Located about 70 miles North of Abilene along the Brazos River bottoms. This collection of acreage has a lot of hogs and anyone would be happy hunting here. This is a semi-guided hunt. There are stands and feeders. There are numerous wheat fields located about that attract a lot of hogs. This hunt is a 3 person minimum and a 2 day minimum. The cost is $500 for 2 days per person. Extra days can be added for $250 per day. The harvest limit is 3 hogs per day. The lodging is comfortable and has a full kitchen. Hunters are responsible for bringing their own food and drinks. Contact via E-Mail at top left of this page.

South Texas - Victoria Ranch - 2,700 acres

2700 acres near Victoria  120 miles SW of Houston. 90 miles SE of San Antonio. We have some open range country that is adjacent to big ranch country. There are a lot of hogs on the ranch. We have 15 feeders and hunting blinds. $500 per person for a 2 day hunt with lodging included. Hunters will be responsible for their own food and drinks. There is a 2 person mimimum and 4 person maximum. Make inquiry via E-Mail at top left of this page.

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