Varmint Guard, 55 gallon barrel,
Varmint Guard, 55 gallon barrel,
Texas Deer Hunting,
Texas Deer Hunts,

Varmint Guard For 55 Gallon Barrels

* 20 inch diameter

* 14 gauge galvanized wire

* 10 inch depth

* 1 X 2 inch spaces

* 3 piece kit - simple assembly

* Ships in a 12 inch cube box

Reasons To Use A Large Diameter Cage

* Raccoons can not reach in to the spinner plate easily

* Corn can gain speed as it is thrown from the spinner

* Sometimes a little extra protection may be needed
near the feeder legs. Those coons are determined critters.
I wish they tasted better. That would solve some problems.

* Save Money On Corn. Buy a Coon Cage !

Texas Deer Hunting,

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